Snowy days

The snow in these parts has been bad which has stopped any use of the car for the last for days. On the picture above you can see Happy Time Harry running along in the snow. Then on the right you have becky catching the snow. It was the size of her eye apparently.

I saw some tracks in the snow. They were about as big as my hand and were about as far apart as my footprints. Tim saw some similar ones. They looked a bit like foxes but a massive fox. This is useful So Tim thought it might be a big cat. There have been a lot of sightings. On further research I decided that they were rabbit tracks. Tim will still insist that it was a puma, which would be cool.

Above – The river broke its banks and flooded everywhere, there was a lot of snow and ice around.

I also dug a trench to the river. It was such a good feeling just watching all the water running out into the river. I must have drained about a foot of water.

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