This news page will appear empty if not updated every so often. This shows how slack I have been with the site, but it’s for a good reason, probably.

Is this is mellowest lip ever?

This picture probably means nothing to you. To me it represents the failures of the British planning system, and how you should never mess with kids who like riding their bikes over lumps of dirt.

Berms are hard to build

Gotta get that drainage in


The new shopping centre in Maidstone opened today. Its not finised yet and as a reult there is a massive five kinked rail, with no anti grind knobs on just ready to be scratched up. Not really my kind of thing, in fact you would have to be nuts but if you were pro it would look amazing in a video section.

Mote Park

Mote Park is on the edge of Maidstone. It has a swimming pool which I used to go to with school and I jumped off the top diving board there which was “totally intense man”.

They are doing up the play area there and there is a chance that a skatepark may be considered. The guy in Action Bikes in Maidstone is also pushing hard for a BMX track. He is a top guy actually – I went in looking for the washer that goes in a profile chainring so it doesn’t move on the axle. He said he had a spare one because he didn’t need his, and he was going to give it to me, but didn’t becasue he couldn’t find it. So he rang up Profile and asked them to send one to him with some promotional stuff, which they did for free. The next day I went back and Profile had forgotton to put the washer in so he gave me some free stickers and said it would be there the next day, which it was. So the point is he is a good guy.

And the other point is that if you want a skatepark and BMX track in Maidstone then go here and tell them. Put BMX track in the other comments. Ignore the fact that it said it has to be done by 14th January.

Even if you don’t live near here fill it in anyway – the more people that do it the better chance there is of getting a park and BMX track. And the guy in Action bike said that if they get a BMX track they will also make space for trails. Good.

Oh yeh, M@ can you put the ufo pictures up again – by popular demand. I think the book was hacked by aliens who didn’t want the world to see their spacecraft.