Three Thousand Haiku

Today I wrote my 3000th haiku. (I also did posts for 2000 and 1000). This means I have been doing this daily haiku thing for getting on for 10 years.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop posting haiku. Why follow such a strict form? Why not focus on something more long form? Should I place more emphasis on quality rather than forcing something every day?

One of the lessons I have learnt by writing a haiku every day is that, even if it seems incredibly difficult to say anything, there are always words if you let them come. The important thing is to keep on creating, regardless of how you’re feeling and whether you even like the things you make. The act of creation is it’s own reward.

The discipline to post something every day has given me the confidence to keep creating even when it seems hard to go on. This has lead me recently to start posting a song I am practicing every day.

I think I’ll keep going with the haiku for now, while I still can.

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