March 2020 Playlist

I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost – Jens Kuross – Jens Kuross was a new discovery for this month. This is such a lovely song.

Phantom Other – Department Of Eagles – Give it time. It’s a slow burner, but the end is just so weird and wonderful!

Do You Want To Build A Snowman – Stellar Kart – This punk cover of the Frozen classic just works really well, in a surprising way. Especially the “I wish you could tell me why” line…

Restless Heart – Yasmin Williams – I remember years ago when I heard this version of Ocean by John Butler that I just wanted to listen to music like this forever. But the album version is a real disappointment. I became obsessed by this song and kind of ripped it off myself. However Yasmin Williams seems to have bottled the magic of this song, and this way of playing guitar and has it flowing out of every pore. I must listen to some more of her stuff…

Giant – Vampire Weekend – I suppose this was a b-side from Contra, but it’s really really good. I especially like the harmonies on “Califoooooornia”.

The Anchor – Jens Kuross – Another Jens Kuross song. This reminds me of Thom Yorke, which is high praise. Attention to detail in melody as well as production and instrumentation is often lacking and that’s where this really shines.

Po’ Howard / Green Corn – Lead Belly – I’ve been listening to a lot of old blues songs recently, spurred by my love of “Where did you sleep last night”. The first of these songs is really good.

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