February 2020 Playlist

Harvest Moon – Widowspeak – I heard this (or something that sounded a lot like it) on a trip to Portland this month. Then it turned up in my Discover Weekly. It’s a very nice chilled cover of this song, and very comforting on a cold rainy February day

A Case Of You – James Blake – Another cover. I keep discovering more James Blake songs that I love. He does a great job of making this his own.

Fight To Make It Up – Takénobu – I’ve never heard of Takénobu before, but I really like this. It’s a cello and a violin, and two voices, which is a very unusual combination. It reminds a lot of the Jesca Hoop and Sam Beam collaboration “Love Letter For Fire”.

Half-Light – Rostam (feat. Kelly Zutrau) – This is a really great song and really interesting production too. The way it develops is really interesting too, from piano, to a more full sound and then back down to a guitar.

Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground – This sounds nothing like The Velvet Underground that I know. I can hear all sorts of things in here. Great harmonies too.

Summer Skin – Parekh & Singh – Another new discovery. The layers on this are really nice; its a good example of how different tracks melding together really well. Another lovely melody. I’m noticing how many of these songs allude to sunshine; probably because it’s February.

See You Soon (Acoustic) – Jukebox The Giant – This band is a new discovery for me. This song has a really nice melody. It’s a grower.

Goodbye February. I’ll be back.

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