January 2020 playlist

Every month I make a Spotify playlist with my discoveries for that month. This is the one for January:

Curls – Bibio: I love the combination of electronic and analog sounds. A very nice sound.

Killer + The Sound – Phoebe Bridgers, Noah Gunderson, Abby Gunderson: I keep seeing the name Phoebe Bridgers around. I need to check out more stuff by her.

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus: Really interesting words. I love the way this explodes at the end. The chorus is super catchy too.

Warm Foothills – atl-j: A good song and a really nice warm sound.

Sing About It – The Wood Brothers: A very useful message

Funeral Singers – Sylvan Esso & Collections Of Colonies Of Bees: This is really interesting combination of the darkness of Sylvan Esso and the warmth of COCOB.

Masterpiece – Big Thief: Big Thief are my new obsession. I would have added a couple more songs to this month but I try to keep to one per artist. This song is a masterpiece.

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – Nina Simone: Not a new discovery, but it had a whole new meaning to me this month.

You’re The One – Dirty Projectors, Robin Pecknold, Rostam: Another interesting collaboration. These voices compliment each other really really well. More please!

Cut Your Bangs – Girlpool: This reminds me of Best Coast. The melody is exquisite. I keep expecting it to break out into a noisy chorus but it never delivers. Maybe that’s ok.

2 responses to “January 2020 playlist”

  1. Hey Ben, are you ok? Sounds like you are dealing with some tricky things from your regrets comment on your previous post and the Nina Simone track on this post. I’d say most of us have regrets to a lesser or greater degree. First off, if you regret something, but are able to amend whatever choice or situation you regret, then it’s in your power to do so. If its not possible to make a different and positive outcome then try to take it as a learning point so as not to repeat the regret in the future. In terms of bring free, and not wanting to get existential, are any of us truly free? I’m sure that even living your best life in the manner you’d most desire, there’s still constraints on what you can realistically achieve.
    I’m sure there’s a snappier way I could have said all that, but you know I have a tendency to chat on……. much love to you all. Sx

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