Product Management In Practice

This weekend I read Product Management In Practice. I really enjoyed this book, and I learnt a lot from it:

Product Management is always messy. It’s easy to think that the problems at your organisation are unusual and that they have it all sorted somewhere else. This isn’t true. Understanding that these same problems happen everywhere has made me feel much happier in my work; it has given me a new perspective on what I do, and lots of tools to succeed.

Silence isn’t acquiescence. We can have a tendency to assume that if no one says anything in response to our ideas that they must agree with them. However it’s much more likely that they don’t but aren’t comfortable sharing why, for any number of reasons. It’s best to assume that people don’t agree, unless they explicitly say they do!

Focus on user goals and needs. This came up many times in lots of contexts. It’s always worth circling back to user needs, as its a great way to help focus conversations on what really matters.

There was a lot more that was very useful in this book. I’d recommend it for anyone who works on software products.

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