Acrostic Haiku

For the last month I have been writing acrostic haiku. This means writing a verse which adheres to the western interpretation of haiku (lines of five, seven and five syllables), while at the same time making the first letter of each line spell a word.

There are several variants of the acrostic haiku. You can just make sure the first word of every line spells something:

Your ancient trunk haunts
Every sacred cemetery
With poison berries

You can give every word in the line the same letter to emphasise the pattern:

Long life lines laying
Open. Our origin of
Growing golden grain

Or you can do the acrostic for every word in the verse:

Dandy amber nest
Downy evening lion
Inside out nature

It goes without saying that the word that the verse spells should also be the subject of the haiku.

You can see my efforts on my haiku blog.

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