One Hundred Days

After reading about Assya Barrette’s 200 days without buying anything, I decided to take on an easier version of the same challenge – to not buy anything for 100 days.

This did not apply to consumables (food, drink etc) or to experiences (staying in a hotel, going out for dinner), or to virtual goods (audiobooks, music subscriptions). The idea was to try to reduce the amount of waste I generate by not buying the things in the first place.

In some way this made life easier. When in those awful gift shops I was faced with difficult questions from the children about what hideous thing they could purchase, the answer was simple – none. When faced with difficult questions about what type of [insert new gadget here] to purchase, I didn’t need to worry – it wasn’t an option.

The one challenge to this was an axe. Since this winter we heated our house using only wood I have chopped myself, an axe is a fairly essential item. I have about four axes. Most of them are old and short handled, or snapped in half. I had been using the same splitting maul for all of our logs for about 18 months, and about halfway into the 100 days the handle snapped in half. I tried continuing with half an axe but it just took way too long, so I cheated and bought this beast:


April 10th was the one hundred and first day of 2016 and my consumerism fast is over. Over these one hundred days there are many things I wanted to purchase that I never did. Now I can’t remember them, so I guess I’ll never buy them. There is one thing that I do remember though. I really need some socks.

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