Unexplained but not suspicious

Most major news sources today are reporting the death of Sean Hoare, a man who exposed the illegal means that News International allegedly used to break stories. They all report the police claim that his death is “unexplained but not suspicious”. (e.g. the BBC).

This is scary. The top two people of the Metropolitan police force have just quit over this scandal; how can we believe a word the police say, especially when phrases like this make absolutely no sense.

The timing of Sean Hoare’s death is clearly suspicious – could it have come at a better time for News International? (Well clearly yes, last week would have been preferable, but you know what I mean). How can the police, unable to provide any explanation for the death of a man in his mid 40s in his own home, say that it’s not suspicious?

I have no idea how or why Sean Hoare is dead, but I can safely say that I am definitely suspicious…

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