The Shed (part 1)

I started building a hut in the garden. It’s really fun, but also quite hard as I am only using salvaged wood I have found in skips, so it’s a case of having to make do a lot of the time. Any advice gratefully recieved.

The shed

The shed

The shed

I wish I had a before picture. There are more here.

2 responses to “The Shed (part 1)”

  1. You need decent base, something like a gravel which will allow the rain to drain away quickly.

    Preferably you want the floor raising up above the gravel so it’s not sitting on damp ground: Dry floorboards will last a lot longer nd be harder for mice etc. to chew ther way in.

    A slope to the roof will stop rain pooling on top but will increase the amount of rain reaching the base.


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