My new bike

When we found the new house we were actually looking at a different house, but it was a long walk to the station, so we decided to walk it to see how far it was. We ended up walking to the wrong station, and on the way we got a bit lost and I saw a bike abandoned in some bushes. Then we carried on looking for the station, and on the way we saw another house, which ended up being the house we went for.

This house is much better as it is right by the station. The only down side is that it’s a bit of a slow line, and there is a much fast line just a couple of miles away.

Last week I went to see if the bike was still there. It looked untouched, so i moved it to a slightly different position to see if anyone ever used it.

So last night I went back to see if the bike was still there. It was in a bit of a state, and looked like no-one had ridden it for a long time (handlebars all twisted, brakes locked up, flat tyres), but only took about an hour to sort out and now I have a bike to get to the fast station on. I might be home in under an hour tonight.

A free bike is a good bike. Some pictures…

My New Bike
My New Bike
My New Bike
My New Bike

One response to “My new bike”

  1. Good story Ben!

    When we moved into our new place a few weeks ago I noticed an old bike locked outside with flat tyres, I kept a check on it to see if it ever moved, and after a couple of weeks asked our neighbour if it was his.

    It turns out no-one knew whose it was, so I sawed through the lock one night and now Han and I can go for rides round sunny Oxford of an evening!

    (it even had a cordless cateye computer -blinggggg!)


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