No updates for ages!

Wow I didn’t do an update at all in March. That’s rubbish. I don’t like to use a computer when I am at home as I use them too much at work. Also I went away for a bit. Should have some photos up from that soon.

Really not much else is going on. Playing lots of music at the moment, and I even braved one song on if you know where to look.

Bouncy Red

A while back I was taken out with work to a posh restaurant in Camden when the new site went live. Saw Samantha Fox. She is funny looking.


Also I bought a ukulele and lost it again almost straight away. It made it all the way across Europe and back and then I left it on the train. What a plonker.

One response to “No updates for ages!”

  1. Do they have adult-bouncers? I want one.

    Heard a Ben Folds and Regina Spektor collaboration recently that I didnt know was realeased, I love it.


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