The 13th November

This post is for joe. For a long time joe has been making a website about his days, and he tries lots of different ways of doing updates quickly and easily. His university project was based around the idea of getting pictures onto a website really quickly and easily. I have been trying to convince him for a while to convert to something like WordPress for making his site, but he has resisted because it doesn’t actually make things much easier.

Then I discovered a flickr plugin for wordpress. This makes the updating process really simple. You use the flickr uploader, which sends all your pictures to flickr and resizes them for you. Then you just go into wordpress and you pull in your flickr pictures from a list of thumbnails. Brilliant!

Here is an example of how easy it is to use:

Thursday the 13th November:

I am on Paternity leave so the day starts quite late:

bowl of alpen and check the internet

someone has been to london and didn’t call me. if you look at this website and you are ever in london on a weekday around lunchtime then call me and we can go for lunch – 07941952721

Listen to while i eat

I think it’s time to tidy up:



Then the bean woke up so it’s time for a bit of play (his playing is usually just staring at you)
The midwife came and did a “heel prick”. That means they take blood to do tests. Lots of screaming.
Last Christmas Tim bought me a Sufjan Stevens CD called Chrismas songs. I didn’t listen to it much last year, so I am copying it ready for this Christmas. It comes in this box with a songbook and stickers!

Lunchtime. Watch a program about squid.

Go for a walk.

Time for a nap

Which gives me some time to play the guitar.

That was so easy!

One response to “The 13th November”

  1. i love the day plan. always time for the guitar haha
    i had loads of fun playing with an untuned guitar making new choards today worked out really cool. i love it.


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