Quality or Quantity?

Todays topic for discussion is quality over quantity. This was raised when I thought about how some people manage to update their website everyday, and I don’t. There are a few reason for this. One is that some days I haven’t taken any pictures. Another is that sometimes I am very busy. But this got me thinking, should I be doing updates often and not worrying too much about how good they are, or should I just do good stuff and have it more spaced out. Not really sure.

Tonight I went to the trails and got heckled by some kids, so we embarrassed them by showing them how weak they were by their inability to push a wheelbarrow. I didn’t take any pictures (again) which is pretty terrible, but I had a good ride.

Then when I got home I played the piano for about an hour which was just so fun. I love playing the piano it might even be more fun than riding. I just wish I had more time to do everything I want to do.
Well one of the things I want to do is sleep, so I am going to do that next. Goodnight.

4 responses to “Quality or Quantity?”

  1. I think this is a bit of a trick question though – if you don’t think what you’re about to post is of good quality then you shouldn’t post it. You have to think, “would I want to read this?”

    There are of course varying degrees of quality, it not just a case of good or bad.

    I think the real issue is one of consistency. You can choose to post constant updates but you have to ensure you have enough to write about otherwise you can end up posting any old crap just to make sure you keep the numbers up and that’s when quality takes a downturn.

    This type of blogging works best for companies/collectives/organisation etc. because there tends to be a lot more happening day to day plus there tends to be a team of bloggers so you have more ideas/information to draw from.

    Alternatively you can choose to post less often but create more intensive updates. This is pretty much what I have found myself doing over time. The main pitfall (one which I have not completely managed to avoid) is sporadic posting. If you’re going to post less often you should try to post more regularly. Like one a week, every week, at roughly the same time (e.g. every weekend).

    This issue is less of a problem with RSS feeds since although feeds can get clogged with a constant stream of posts, you can use them to see when a site that’s updated less often has something new (which I guess was the whole point of feeds in the first place).

    Like I say, consistency, whether it’s consistent quality if your posting constantly or constant timing if you’re posting at longer intervals.

    Personally I prefer to write posts that are more akin to an article rather than a text message. Maybe something like a really good email or letter.

    Another quality issue is spelling, grammar and punctuation. Just because it’s appearing online isn’t an excuse. In fact it’s less of an excuse since it’s so much easier and quicker to check your spelling. I’m going to the problem of reading your work so it’s only polite to make the effort when composing it.

    Note: the ‘you’ in this comment is not personal they should probably read ‘one’ but my grammar’s not brilliant. Whatever, I’m sure you get me.


  2. I used to update quite a lot, but there just seems to be too much going on these days.

    I think it is just a case of finding a balance. I update for myself now, not other people.


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