Freerider 2

Do you remember line rider? Well now there’s Freerider (2 actually), and it’s awesome. Perfect for people who are too lazy to dig, too scared to ride, or adverse to this poor excuse for “summer”. Have fun.

Once you get tired of making your own tracks then have a look at some of these tracks. I just want to see some proper trails. If you build something good then post the track code.Have fun…


One response to “Freerider 2”

  1. chris sent me these trails:
    -18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 4q 1k 5b 1k,55 1l 85 1j 8m 1j,8l 1j 96 1j 9n 1h a6 1c al 13 b2 p,b2 o bo o bo 1i,i0 12 ih 1l j4 28 jq 2r kh 3h l8 46 m1 4p mt 5d nu 5v p3 6c q6 6l rc 6r sl 6u u0 6s vb 6j 10m 66 128 5i 13l 4u 154 49,gl o gm 1m,gl n h6 n hm n i1 13,154 48 15v 48,15v 49 15v 6e,1jk 43 237 fv,1jj 43 1hu 42 1ht 88,236 fv 22f fc 231 fs 23k g9 248 gm 24q h2 25e hf 264 ht 26p i8 27h ij 28a ir 293 iv 29v j3 2ao j4 2bg j2 2ca iv,2b5 j4 2bp j1 2cd iu 2d4 ir 2dq il 2ef ib 2f1 ht 2fj hc 2g1 gp 2gd g4 2gl fe 2gr en 2h1 e0 2h6 d8 2ik d8 2in dr 2iq ef 2j0 f3 2j7 fm 2je gb 2jq gv 2k8 hi 2kq i1 2ld id 2m3 io 2mo iv,2mr j0 2nc j4,2m5 io 2ml iu 2n8 j2 2ns j4 2oh j6 2p8 j6 2pv j5 2qk j1 2r5 it 2rl iq 2s7 ii 2sq ia,2sq i9 2tj i9 2ti ja,36a i7 34r i7 34t k0,3g7 mi 3hh n3,3hg n3 3i9 nc 3j6 np 3k3 o6 3kt oj 3lo ov 3mj pa 3nl pp 3or qa 3q6 qv 3rd ri 3sn s7 3u3 st 3vh tk 411 uc 42i v5 444 vv 45n 10p 47c 11k 491 12g 4am 13b 4cc 147 4e3 154,4de 14o 4dv 153 4ej 15b 4fa 15j 4g4 15p 4h2 15t 4hu 15v 4iu 160 4jr 15v 4ko 15r 4lj 15i 4md 155 4n6 14l 4nq 143 4oc 13c 4ot 12g,4q7 12f 4q7 16b,369 i7 3g9 mi,57h 12k 59i 12k,57g 12k 57f 17c,59h 12l 59r 138 5a4 13t 5af 14l 5as 15d 5ba 165 5bn 16s 5c6 17j 5cm 18b 5d7 194 5dp 19q 5eh 1ak 5fe 1bi 5gb 1ch 5he 1dl 5ie 1ek 5jl 1fi 5l2 1gg 5mi 1hd 5o5 1i8 5pr 1j0 5rk 1jl 5tf 1k7 5vc 1km 61b 1l2 63d 1la 65i 1le 677 1lf 68t 1ld 6ak 1la 6cb 1l3 6e2 1kr 6fq 1kg 6hi 1k4 6ja 1jm 6l2 1j5 6mq 1ij 6oj 1hv 6qb 1h9 6s4 1gh 6tt 1fo 6vj 1es 718 1du 72s 1cu 74e 1br 75u 1al 77d 19e 78r 185 7a8 16r 7bk 15g 7d1 145 7ed 12p,4ot 12f 4q7 12e##B 6up 1e4 1n,B 6c6 1j9 2f


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