Is this controversial?

I have decided to get back on with the blog, following someone noticing it had stopped being updated!  I found it hard to write my blog after I had finished the South Africa story as I was very sad that that was over.  It was funny because it was such a fantastic experience that it sort of hurt.  It was also a bit frightening as it is quite tempting to run away to South Africa and live with the sharks.  Luckily for Ben I like living with him more.

 So now I thought I would write a little bit about a news article that I saw today.  It is all about Diana’s remembrance service.  This week every day on the local news there’s been a bit about Diana and now people are putting their flowers at the gates of Kensington Palace like they did ten years ago.  On the BBC news website there’s a photo of a couple of young people, I think they’re teenagers, looking very sad.  Do they even remember Diana?  What is this all about?

The thing that seems most strange to me is that I don’t think Diana was all that great.  She failed her O Levels twice incidentally – all of them.  She did some charity work which was good, but instead of making that the focus and actually carrying on something worthwhile there just seem to be a lot of concerts, services, statues and flowers.  So what does this “legacy” actually mean?  Seems a good opportunity for a trip to London for a bit of self-indulgent misery and a nice meal out.  Or is there more to it than I can see?

4 responses to “Is this controversial?”

  1. It is odd. From what i can remember public opinion before her death was very anti-diana. I remember seeing a newspaper on the saturday that she died which was going to have an exclusive with her and dodi, about the scandal of their affair. I was only young but I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything good about her.

    And then she died and it was like a switch flipped and all the hated went to love and suddenly she was wonderful. I don’t get it.


  2. “And then she died and it was like a switch flipped and all the hated went to love and suddenly she was wonderful. ”

    It seems to be like this with most “celebritys”. For an example, for months before George Best died all you heard about was how he was a alcoholic and then when he died only then did he become a “hero”.


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