Is this controversial?

I have decided to get back on with the blog, following someone noticing it had stopped being updated!  I found it hard to write my blog after I had finished the South Africa story as I was very sad that that was over.  It was funny because it was such a fantastic experience that it sort of hurt.  It was also a bit frightening as it is quite tempting to run away to South Africa and live with the sharks.  Luckily for Ben I like living with him more.

 So now I thought I would write a little bit about a news article that I saw today.  It is all about Diana’s remembrance service.  This week every day on the local news there’s been a bit about Diana and now people are putting their flowers at the gates of Kensington Palace like they did ten years ago.  On the BBC news website there’s a photo of a couple of young people, I think they’re teenagers, looking very sad.  Do they even remember Diana?  What is this all about?

The thing that seems most strange to me is that I don’t think Diana was all that great.  She failed her O Levels twice incidentally – all of them.  She did some charity work which was good, but instead of making that the focus and actually carrying on something worthwhile there just seem to be a lot of concerts, services, statues and flowers.  So what does this “legacy” actually mean?  Seems a good opportunity for a trip to London for a bit of self-indulgent misery and a nice meal out.  Or is there more to it than I can see?

29th August

This weekend was brilliant. Hooked up with the Aversion trails trip on Saturday at some fun trails. Then went to Aliano’s on Sunday. Too many people and I rode for about 30 seconds in total. Was fun to watch though. Then Melbourn trails jam on Monday. Dave had done an amazing job on the jumps and we all had a lot of fun riding. Pictures soon I hope.

Trails again tonight. Most lines were running. Nigel was busy digging as always! Nigel has a lot of good pictures to put up but he wants a new way of putting them up which I have to build. How do you like to look at pictures? Just a page to scroll through? Light box? Let me know and I’ll build something to suit.

I have Friday and Monday off to do some riding. Give me an email, phone me or something if you are around.

21st August

Dave invited us to his trails last week. I took some pictures and rode a bit too. There is a jam here on Saturday which should be fun.

On Saturday me, Paul and Evans went to Joey’s to get some stuff running better for the jam. They are looking quite pretty now. The jam is on 9th September.

The woods were really busy last week when they were dry and running. Now its raining and wet and there is no one to be seen. Its tempting to name and shame!

20th August

I went to the boyley jam at the weekend. The pictures are really gloomy. Do you think photographs should be as faithful as possible to what the eye sees, or should they just look good, regardless of how different that is from reality?

Tom painted my car.

Also I made an RSS feed for the site. I use the Google Reader plug in for iGoogle to monitor my sites. Its much quicker than checking sites manually.