10th July

Liam drove me to Devon yesterday to pick up my car. It was a good trip and the car is fine.

Wanted: Someone to go to the trails with! (must be interested in riding lots and digging lots).

Things have been very quiet at the trails recently. Its been mostly just me and Nigel down there, digging away. We haven’t seen Tom for a while, Rob is on holiday, and when he’s not he does 12 hour days at work so he often can’t get down. Pete is bored of trails so we don’t see him much, and now Nigel has hurt himself and can’t walk, so I am all by myself at the trails again, just like last year.

I am at the trails most days and it would be good to have some company, especially if you are as obsessed by riding as I seem to be at the moment.

The older I get the more obsessed with riding I seem to be. I can’t get enough of it! I guess you know you are addicted to riding when you do it by yourself.

That sounds a bit stupid. I don’t like it when people try and pressurise people into riding. You’re meant to do it for fun, not for any other reason. I don’t ever want whether someone rides or not to effect whether I am freinds with them. The only reason that I ride is that its one of the most fun things I know about. If you don’t think it is fun you shouldn’t pretend you do, just do something else that is more fun. It’s not a competiton.

If you are interested in graffiti you might like this.

Can you play bohemian rapsody on your hands?

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