Shark holiday: Day 7

Friday was a free day in Cape Town. We were staying in the Jewish quarter where it was quite quiet and also quite affluent. A lot of people think Cape Town is dangerous but we didn’t see anything. Some people we talked to about that said that it’s just like any other city and if you go to the wrong place at the wrong time you may have trouble but not otherwise. We didn’t have any trouble or see anything, but then we were pretty tired so we were always home by about 9pm! All the houses did have 7 foot high fences with barbed wire and electric gates though.


We thought we might go up Table Mountain on Friday but in the end we ran out of time. We hadn’t had breakfast many days this week so we had a nice big breakfast on Friday. Then we walked to Camps Bay. This was about 4km from where we were staying and has nice beaches. The water was very cold.


Apparently Camps Bay is quite trendy – it has a lot of bars and cafes. It was really the only place in South Africa where we had a meal that was not very good. Ben had tortillas that were very tasteless and they served lukewarm mango juice that tasted like it had been watered down.

Along the street in Camps Bay there were a lot of people trying to sell things. We bought a little table which has a chess board on the top. We didn’t buy the pieces though. Ben was a shrewd haggler! Once you buy one thing they show you all sorts of things that they would like you to buy but we did not buy anything else.


It was quite a hot walk back but the views over Cape Town were really good and it was nice to have a day when we didn’t have a schedule.


Then we went back to Maarten’s guesthouse where we were staying and then found a tapas bar for dinner. I hadn’t had tapas before so it was fun to try. We ordered ten samples which was fun. Unfortunately one of the first ones I tried was anchovies which I do not like at all so that put me off a bit. We also tried squid which is a bit like egg pasta.

End of Day 7

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