Shark holiday: Day 3

On Monday it was still a bit cold and windy and the sea was very rough so we couldn’t go diving. Instead we went to visit some underwater caves which are really near the sea in Gansbaai. They have got big pools of fresh water in, which is very rich in minerals so they used to be used for a health spa. Now the caves are locked up because they have stalagtites (hanging down) and stalamites (growing upwards) that were being damaged by tourists.


There are also bats in the caves – they were quite small and sweet and are called horseshoe bats as they have a horseshoe shaped mouth.

In the caves the air temperature was much higher than the outside temperature – by maybe 6 degrees or something – quite a lot. The water was also the same termperature as the air but it felt much much colder! Me and Ben went for a swim in the pools which was fun. It was a good way of getting a close up look at the stalagtites and stalagmites and there was a stone at one side of the pool which you could sit on.


We also went for some walks around the rocks and did a little climbing. There were quite good rocks in Gansbaai and also we found a grave.



Also Ben’s bag arrived on Monday. A bag for me arrived too – but it someone else’s and was meant to be in Sao Paulo!

We had dinner at the local pub in the evening (the only one!) which was good. They are pretty into their steaks and also Monkeygland Sauce which Ben liked a lot. It tastes quite like sweet and sour sauce. Another day we had a pizza with it on which I did not really think was so great but Ben liked it a lot.

End of day 3.

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