Shark holiday: Day 2

On Sunday it was a bit rainy and windy. We were scheduled to go for a shark cage dive but the weather was too bad. In some ways this was quite a good thing as it gave us a chance to go and buy some clothes!


The Roundhouse in Gansbaai is a really nice place to stay. It really is round and our room was quite round as well! It also has viewing platforms all around as there are often whales in the bay. Although it’s not really whale season yet we still saw one whale from the Roundhouse and another when we were out on a boat. The whale we saw from the Roundhouse was a Southern Right Whale. We also had a really nice bathroom when we staying at the Roundhouse which is very good for me as I love having a bath, especially when it is rainy outside.

stairs.JPG breakfastroom.JPGbed.JPGbathroom.JPG070521008.JPG

There is also a really funny dog who lives at the Roundhouse. He is called Stavros and he is very small but he thinks he is big. He follows you when you go for a walk and he can walk in the road and avoid the cars or make them stop for him.


As we didn’t have any clothes the people who had arranged the holiday for us, Dave and Elna, took us down to their shark shop and we got some fleeces and hats and t-shirts. Then they drove us 2 hours to Cape Town so we could get some clothes. It was very kind of them and also helped a lot as Gansbaai is very small and there were no underwear shops or anything.

It was also good as it meant I could get some ear drops. I got a cold a few days before we went and on the plane my ears hurt really badly and I couldn’t get them to pop and then when we got off the plane I couldn’t hear so I was glad we got ear drops.


Then we went back to Gansbaai and we went to a restaurent which was really nice. We were the only customers as it is winter there – that is the best season for sharks but not for the weather. The restaurent owner drove us back to the Roundhouse when we had finished – that was often what we found – that people would do a lot for you to help you out and make things better for you.

End of day 2.

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