20th April

I transported 120 litres of water to the trails today. We get through about 50 litres a day. More at the weekends. Coincidently me and Tim built a jump in July 2003 which used 120 litres of water carried in watering cans and bottles from the river. Summer 2003 was one of the driest ever. You can dig in any weather.

Thanks to everyone who helped dig last night (Rob, Nigel, Pete, Greg and Mark). We got a lot of stuff done and both lines should be riding in a week or so.

I spoke to someone last night who has a “ramp” in their garden that they don’t want anymore. They said, rather than have a big bonfire, would I like the ramp. I think it must be a mini-ramp. It’s wooden and sounds pretty good. The problem is I have nowhere to put it. If anyone can find a place where we can put it up that would be amazing.

Also added a new feature to The BMX Family – you can now search only BMX sites.

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