Did you know….?

An interesting thing I found out about today is scorpions. As I have mentioned before I like to know about things that are a bit frightening and I think scorpions count.

The thing I found out that I thought was most interesting is that when scorpions are angry they say “ha-tsu”. So if you hear someone say “ha-tsu” watch out as they may be a scorpion about to attack. I also did not know that there is a belief that scorpions commit suicide if surrounded by fire by stinging themselves. I don’t know if I’m relieved to discover this is not true. They can’t do that as they are not sensitive to their own venom. Which makes sense really as it would be bad to carry a substance around with you which could kill you. They have also been known to survive radiation testing. And they are occasionally born with two tails. This is a genetic abnormality.

Other animals also say strange things when they are cross. Both tigers and weasels say “fuff”.

One response to “Did you know….?”

  1. fuff from a tiger is a welcome my friends dad is a keeper at a zoo and has a tiger he had from a baby and it so odd to see it come up to him and fuff and rub its face on his hand like a pet cat and it will per too but it would still eat you if it was pissed at you i think it the size of a small car


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