17th April

Tom fell off on the line of death last night. His ankle was growing as you watched it. Apparently it’s “only” sprained. Hope it gets better soon.

This weekend we found a very big Spider. I wonder if they are like dinosaurs and they never stop growing if its warm. Been to the trails a lot recently. Some people are diggers and some people are lazy. Pete does his x-ups the wrong way. His big clumpy shoes get in the way. At lunch times I go and ride my bike behind the building. If I don’t ride my bike at lunchtime then I go and cut wood for my wood pile. Thanks to Mark and Liam for the extra wood. I cut through this big log with a bow saw. It took about half an hour. This weekend a squirrel attacked our bird feeder and chewed it up to get the nuts out.
There are more pictures in the photography section.

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