Just before I go to bed…

I am very glad of all the messages that have been put up so far – thanks.  I did not think anyone would look so it’s really good when people do.

I am about to go to bed (feeling sleepy, as Liam advised) but a quick addition to my comments on spiders:

I found out today that tarantulas can die by falling down stairs.  This is because they have an exoskeleton rather than an endoskeleton so they can be “broken”.  This makes them, in this respect, a little more like a crab than a spider.  Last night my sleep problem involved waking up in the middle of the night thinking there was a spider on me.  I had to put the light on and check all around.  Sorry Ben.  Now I know that if I think there is a spider on me, I just have to thrown it very hard against a wall and that will break it. 

Sweet dreams.

One response to “Just before I go to bed…”

  1. Nice blog! I agree with what Liam says about getting to sleep. Setting a time isn’t really good as you just lay in bed awake trying to get to sleep when you could be doing something productive! Remember 4-7 hours is best!


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