Spider attack

I would have thought now that the weather is warm that the spiders would go and live outside.  But we have had two very enormous spiders in our house in the last two days.  They were definitely not the same spider as their proportions were different. Spider Attack

The first spider was getting on for the size of my hand but with a medium sized body and quite long legs.  We thought about (and briefly tried) to drown it but then decided to let it outside as spiders are really useful.  They eat all the dirty things like flies and also make good food for birds. 

The second spider was also nearly the size of my hand but this one had a most enormous body and fairly stubby legs.  This is more like me.  I have a very long body and short legs.  I am about 5″3 and have a longer body than my sister who is 5″5.  This means that I am surprising when I stand up because you will have been expecting me to be taller.

I wonder if the spiders are staying in our house because we have an unusually large number of birds around outside.  Our house has quite a lot of tress outside and us and the next door neighbours have seed hanging up.  Within 24 hours the birds have eaten all our seeds as there is so very many of them.  They are really nice, there are all kinds of different ones and I’m only just learning their names.  So maybe spiders feel too threatened outside.  They don’t need to worry though – the birds must always be stuffed full of seeds.

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  1. the proportions of a spider can vary massively infact because like snakes spiders shed there skin in the same way.


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