Well, as predicted playing Harry Potter very quietly wasn’t particularly effective.  So thanks to Liam for his suggestion – I will try that this evening.  This obviously provides opportunities for any malicious sly-plotters to get me to try strange and obscure sleep cures but I think Liam’s sounds quite safe.  Except I might have trouble getting up in the morning.  But then I don’t have to get up in the morning.

 Also QI is on tonight at 10pm on BBC2.  This may not help me sleep, but it will provide fantastic entertainment whilst I am awake.  It is a re-run of the last series – I was hopeful for a minute that it might be a new series, but that is still very good.  I think it is my best programme.  It is followed by the new series of Peep Show.  This is bad news at it is Ben’s best programme and my worst.  I can see it’s very funny but it just makes me cringe inside so badly.  But I have to get a bit immune to programmes before I can like them.  Took me months to like The Office so there is hope.

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