Shark Adventure!

The other theme which is likely to recur on my blog is sharks. I like sharks a lot. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it started when I was very small and saw Jaws. I was very frightened. What I like to do when I am frightened of things is to find out about them, so then I know. I am also frightened of capital punishment and so I have found out about that too. I am glad that amnesty international are trying to get it abolished. Interestingly, the trend is to get it abolished although a lot of people (most people?) think it should be reintroduced. It doesn’t help that the media make us really hate paedophiles and terrorists (rather than just hating them a bit). I think the best methods are probably hanging and the guillotine (I don’t think this gets used any more).

Anyway, back to sharks. After I found out all about them I discovered that

1. They’re not keen on eating people

2. They are really amazing and a very good at what they do

3. They are really beautiful and it must be fantastic to see a big one in real life.

So, I am going to go and see some real ones in real life. Me and Ben are going to South Africa on the 19th May to go and see the great white sharks. We are going to the place they filmed the Planet Earth documentary bit on sharks, where they breach (leap right out of the water).

I can’t quite believe it’s happening but I am very excited about it. I hope I come back with all our limbs.

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