Not sleeping beauty

This is my first blog entry in my new blog and it is about sleeping.  This is likely to be a recurring theme on this blog as

                             1.  I like sleeping a lot

                             2.  I am having trouble sleeping.

So any remedies would be gratefully received.  At the moment I am trying listening to audio books in bed – sometimes this works but often it doesn’t.  I think maybe Harry Potter is just too exciting.  I like listening to it though.  It is Stephen Fry reading it which is really good.  Also, although I don’t think J.K.Rowling writes particularly well the key thing, it seems to me, is that she creates a world I enjoy being in.  That makes me want to listen to or read her books because it would be great to actually be in those books.  So even though her use of language is a bit limited at times, and at others sounds like she’s been looking through a thesaurus for long words, I still like the books.

 But they’re not helping me sleep.  I think the next thing to try is having it on really quietly.  Only then I might be listening so intently that I’m even less likely to fall asleep.


One response to “Not sleeping beauty”

  1. Bad news about the sleeping trouble… I used to have real trouble sleeping, but recently things have got better…

    The best advice I recieved was to not eat anything in the 3 hours before you go to bed & never pick a time to go to sleep, always leave it until you start to fall asleep – I used to go to bed between 11pm and 12am, normally after something on the tv finished, because everyone else did. Now I dont even think about bed until my eyes start to shut on their own.

    Good luck


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