Back in the old days of the internet there used to be lots of small websites made by people who loved riding. Then pretty shady came along, at about the same time as the blog, and a lot of these websites dried up. People got bored of making websites, and the websites got boring becasue they were all the same.

There are probably a lot of people out there that have noticed this, but not many have done anything about it. Making a website is not hard, or expensive, and it doesn’t have to take much time. All you need is a computer, with an internet connection (which you probably have if you are reading this) and a camera, the rest is free.

Head over to geocities and start building your new website. Just remember these 3 rules:

1. Make your website honest.
Don’t steal pictures off other people and say it’s you. Don’t pretend you are better than you are. Don’t try and make out like you are part of some sponsered team or other ridiculous things. Riding is supposed to be fun, and so is the internet.

2. Make it personal
Again, don’t try and be something you are not. This means staying clear of blogs (oh the irony.) Blogs aren’t all bad, but they are only one way of making a site. A boring way. Put a bit of yourself into the site and it will be much more interesting.

3. Update it sometimes
Websites that are not updated are not bad, for example

instuition and

but you won’t get many visitors unless it changes regularly.

In other news, I get paid to make websites these days:

My first pages

Some interesting websites:
One red paper clip
Match age
I can’t sell my house, please help me!

Now go and make some internet.

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