People I went to school with

When you are at school you make freinds with people. When you leave school you generally never see them again. Well that’s what happened to me. Then you start wondering what happened to those people You usually don’t find out unless something interesting happens. Here are some things that happened to people I went to school with.

Ollie Bashford.
Ollie was in my class. Ollie was a quiet person who listened to loud music. He was really clever and seemed to do well without really trying too hard. His experimentation with mind altering substances didn’t seem to affect his work in any advese way. ollie’s older brother was called Will. He was very clever and got a place at Cambridge. He decided not to go to Cambridge though. Instead he took a foundation course at Kent Institute of Art and Design. I don’t know what happened after that, until I found out a few months ago that Will died of Lukemia. I expect that he was glad that he decided to go and do Art, which he enjoyed rather than going to Cambridge, since there would have been little point in that. Have a look at Will’s website.

Thusara Chandetc.
Thusara was also in my class. I sat next to him in Physics. We had a pretty fun time messing about and coming up with weird versions of his name. He liked playing Radiohead on He also enjoyed cricket, and I think he was quite good, although I wouldn’t know becasue I don’t like cricket. He went to Cambridge and played more cricket.

Then this morning I found out that his Mum is in custody charged with murdering his Dad with an axe. That is pretty terrible for him. I was going to give more details of what a nice person Thus was, but I don’t want the media to get on his back. Thus, if you see this and you want to meet up for a chat then let me know. You must be having a hard time at the moment.

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