The Extreme Sports Channel

medIMG_6407I don’t have Sky, so I rarely get a chance to watch the extreme sports channel, and when I do it’s usually got surfing on, which gets boring after 10 minutes. I know that sometimes it has the x games or other BMX competitions on it though, and there are people who think that these events are selling out BMX to TV to make big bucks. While this may be true, I think it’s important to recognise some of the advantages of having big competitions like this available to the masses.

Generally people are afraid of the unknown, especially old people. Since most of the landowners in this country are old, when they see a group of young people digging up their woods, they get scared becasue they don’t understand what is going on, and they bring in the bulldozers.

More recently, when people have noticed the trails, they have been much more aware of what they are. They say things like “I’ve see this before on the television”. Their attitude is much more positive becasue they undertstand what you are doing and why. They aren’t scared any more, but are encourging instead.

xgdjsnake.jpgSo there is someting good about TV coverage.

There is one guy who has stopped a few times at Hoggs Green. He’s about 30 and he is always on an old mountain bike with his dog, and he always says “ryan nyquist, he’s the best.”

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