Digging Jam

Right let me get straight to the point. Anyone who has their own trails knows how much work they take. It’s not just a case of digging some jumps for a few hours in January, there is the constant task of maintainence. This becomes an especially big job when a lot of people come and ride your jumps.

This endless task of maintaining trails is not something that anyone enjoys, but it’s the price you pay for having something good to ride on your doorstep. This is why it’s important for everyone who rides the jumps to do their bit in looking after them.

The following people helped dig at Tenterden yesterday: Tom, Nigel, Dean, Rob, Myself, Greg, Joe and Tim. In fact Jonny C did a few shovels as well.

Trail bosses Tom and Nigel were there from about 10 and got stupid amounts done.

Evidently no-one else cares enough about the trails to want to ride them anymore. This is actually fair enough, for example, Paul has quit riding trails since he knocked himself out. We didn’t expect him to help out since he’s not down there anymore.

[This obviously does not apply to people who don’t ride in Tenterden – what’s the point in digging somewhere if you aren’t going to ride them.]

Rant over.


One response to “Digging Jam”

  1. for a person who doesnt ride i can understand that but it wont stop the non diggers to ride, you need to build secret trails and build them in a good place with easy maintenance, and not on show for the 13 year olds


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