Some interesting websites

Car Living: This is an interesting way to save some money. Something that the BMX world calls a road trip.

Twenty Questions: A fun website. Try and think of an object that it can’t guess.

House Price Crash: House prices are falling, like it or not. It will take five years maybe for them to be sensible prices again, but it’s happening.

Ashford Borough Council: Ok so that one isn’t interesting, but I overheard someone saying earlier that it was a terrible website, it didn’t even have their phone number on it. In the end they looked it up in the phone book. What’s that right in the middle of the front page? Oh look, the telephone number. Numpties.

One more to add to the list:

Gunther Anderson: This guy is a legend. Look around his websites. He has 1000 decks of playing cards, and he has listed them for us to see. He has listed all the films he owns, or would like to own, and to top it all off there is a picture of his cat. Funniest website ever?

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