Just what I always wanted

Look at this. If you look around you can get a map with all the soil types in Kent. Good for finding a good place to build trails. There’s a map key on the left. You have to look around for a while to find it all but it’s worth it.

This is a map of hampshire for Rory. It’s barend jam Sunday but I won’t be there I am afraid.


Tim broke his arm again doing this trick. He didn’t land that heavily on it, but the plate on his bone, and the screws through it didn’t allow the bone to flex as it should, causing it to snap. Fortunatly the docotors have realised that plates are not a good idea and have agreed to take this one out and not put a new one in. So at least there won’t be a plate in there anymore.

Unfortunatly this means Tim has to have another operation, with another cut through the scar in his arm, another 6 weeks in plaster and another 6 months waiting for the feeling to come back into his hand. I don’t know if he’ll want to ride again when it’s fixed.