I have a busy weekend starting now really so this is my last chance to update for the next few days. My car failed it’s MOT yesterday.

Tonight I am off to help Gregory put up his ramp in a barn so that could be good. Then on Friday I have the day off to buy a new car – going to British Car Auctions. If someone wants my old car then it runs fine but our strict garage didn’t pass it’s MOT. If small things like that don’t bother you then you can have it for free.

Then Friday maybe do some riding although the rain is due then, and then off to Tenterden in the evening to see Nigel and Tom and make plans for the rest of the weekend.

Oh and it’s Joey’s jam on Sunday so hope to see you there.

receiving_exam_results_2_a.jpgIn other news the A-Level results came out today. I hope you all did ok.

Apparently the pass rate has gone up again but I don’t understand that. When I was at school they always told us that there weren’t pass marks, they just took the top x% and they got an A then the next y% got a B etc. If that’s the case then how can the mark be getting better each year. Something strange going on there.

These happy people just passed their badminton exams.

Have a good weekend.

[gone but not forgotton]

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