Countdown Update

Demise of Countdown Presenter
A month or so ago Richard Whitely, presenter of Countdown, died. Not such a loss. However, what really is a loss is that Countdown hasn’t been on since.


So here’s a news update: good news:

Countdown will be back in the Autumn with a new presenter who hasn’t been chosen yet but won’t be Richard Whiteley hooray. They think they might try out a few presenters a bit like Have I Got News for You but the key thing is it will NOT be Richard Whiteley.

Some key Countdown Facts:

On two occasions a contestant has scored 0 (zero points)
John Brooks – 0 points in August 1987
Sylvia Pitman – 0 points in September 1998.


These are the letters they have in the piles:

A 15
E 20
I 14
O 14
U 10

Total 73


B 3
C 4
D 7
F 4
G 4
H 2
J 1
K 1
L 6
M 4
N 7
P 4
Q 1
R 8
S 9
T 9
V 2
W 2
X 1
Y 2
Z 1

Total 82

The best dictionary corner person is Susie Dent who has appeared 1199 times.


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