Hitting them konas and them low lows girl

Right first off, something I just read:

“What if everyday you could do what you want without question. That’s what it means to ride BMX.”

That’s from Fathom BMX, the most updated site on the internet. It’s a pretty interesting quote. I think one of the best things about BMX as a hobby is its versatility. You can do it everyday. There are a lot of sports of which that is simply not true – surfing, skiing, snowboarding etc. So I guess that makes us pretty lucky.
On which note, why are you looking at the internet? My excuse is that I am at work. If you haven’t been out riding today then put down your mouse and go and get on your bike. This writing will still be here later, but the daylight won’t be.

Here is some local news:

I got a letter from Swale Borough Council the other day about the planning permission for the new skatepark. It was inviting me to speak at the meeting on 11th August. Was it only me that got this? Anyway I will probably go to the meeting anyway to offer some support so if you want to show your support for a local indoor park come along too. 7pm at the Swale Borough Council Office on 11th August.

Next up Gravesend. They have had a new park recently which I haven’t been to ride yet, but they want people to sign this petition.
A local website. There seems to be a fairly good trailscene around Canterbury. Maidstone trail scene sucks.
Oh yes, Maidstone jam this Saturday the 13th. Go and ride the most crowded park ever, and take one run, or go to the trails and ride all you like without any annoying kids. It’s up to you.
Finally, the week after that is Ashford trail jam. I need to go and try to ride the trails before then so I am not falling off every five seconds like a muppet.
Thanks to East Kent BMX for most of the pictures.

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