Something’s not quite right

How many people were killed as a result of the attempted bombings in London last Thursday?

None I hear you say. Not correct.

“Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot dead by officers at Stockwell Underground station on Friday after he was mistaken for a suicide bomber.”

This is crazy.

“Met Police Chief Sir Ian Blair has apologised to the family, but insisted that the policy of “shoot-to-kill in order to protect” would continue.

He also warned that more innocent people might be killed in the fight against terrorism.”

So now the police are going round killing “innocent victims” something which the terrorists haven’t done. The police are actually being terrorists themselves. I am more scared of the police than of the terrorists. In fact I am a bit scared of writing this in case the police come and shoot me.

This video is interesting, or go here and scroll down to “911: A Closer Look”. I am not saying that I agree with it all, but it does make you think that maybe there is more going on than we are told.

Still I am sure the truth won’t ever come out in our lifetime.

One response to “Something’s not quite right”

  1. Yo My mate was in the same carrage no more than 6ft from the guy when he got shot, said they used like a full on rifle just took him out super clean virtually no mess just a hunk of flesh on the window. The story is they were following someone of almost exactly the same description who lived ion the same flats as this turkish guy who ran cos his student visa had run out or something jumped the ticket barriers so they asumed it was the escaped guy from the second bombings that they were tailing and shot him in the head to stop him from detonating any bomb he might have had.


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