News: Derelict BMX is officially the best website of all time. There have been about 3 updates a day now for a long time and they are all top quality updates with movies, riding and everything. Absolutley amazing.

Some other good website for you to look at:
Pretty Shady: Wait a few more weeks and then Joe’s exams will be done. Then there will be lots of updates again.
BMX Fraternity: I have only just found this site recently. Lots of updates and quality design.
Trendwhore BMX: A newish site. They’re trails look good, I want to see pictures of someone riding them.
Dig and Ride: Lots of good media in there.
Noid Clothing: Local Tenterden scene. Nigel has started updating it now so hopefully things will keep being added. Tom has a digi cam too so that will mean more media.
Small Wheels Big Thrills: Chris updated two days in a row the other day. Amazing
Wikstidian: Mark from Paddock wood. Why is it called that? This gets updated a lot at the moment

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