There is a lot of hate on the internet these days. I don’t look at the internet much these days. There’s more to life you know.

All I know is that is you haven’t been digging any jumps this winter then there is no way you deserve to be riding other peoples. Go and dig now, it’s wet enough.

4 responses to “Trailsalt”

  1. see ben thats wot i say and i do it but when we get kicked off them its gay and other places are so damm hard to get to with a bike its not worth doing but i still try and then i still get shit for not building. how dose that work.
    and to be honest im getting a bit pissed about all the biching bmx is about fun but people dont see that anymore.


  2. now people dont shout outt
    in the crouded underground
    as the people all come round
    to the sound of of the riding ground.


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