Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig that’s what we like to do.

Went digging in Tenterden on Saturday with Rob from Cranbrook. Rob’s only been riding for a few months but there’s not many jumps he won’t try – he’s done the big line at PORC I think. He doesn’t have any trails but he wanted to help dig somewhere. I showed him some good wood near his house but Becky thinks he won’t dig there.

He had a little ride of the small line too. I tried but my hand is still too broken. I think I might have snapped a bit of bone off. There has been a lot of digging going on a Tenterden recently. It’s starting to look really good.

This weekend was such nice weather.

People keep on nagging me to put pictures of jumps up so here are a few.

Onb the way last night some pikeys tried to run us over and then had a go at us for walking in the road. I shouted back at them which I am now regretting as my bet is that they will have gone and kicked the jumps in by now.

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