Hardly anyone signs the book anymore. I can only think this is becasue either no one is looking at this site, or you have nothing to say. In which case I am going to try and comment on stuff that will simply make you HAVE to sign the guestbook to put me straight.

From blewbmx:

“There were lots of buisness men in suits there, and a lady with no arms, i tried not to look in a kind of look at her from the corner of my eye kinda way.”

I saw a girl with half her arm missing the other day. That’s pointless isn’t it. Fascinating though. People tell me not to stare when I see freaks about but I think it’s only natural.

More freaks here. You have to read that. It’s hilarious. It’s amazing that someone con be so sensitive about their appearance. She must be able to tell that she looks like a freak.

I don’t know her name, and since she admits searching google for it and I don’t want her to find this, I’ll just call her Buzz. Here’s a picture by the way:

_1220239_300lucas.jpgBuzz seems to have a problem with people who find her appearance disturbing. Come on. Look at her chin. She looks like someone off of Bo Selector. If you saw her walking down the street don’t tell me your wouldn’t stare. I think she was on a program called “What are you staring at?”. Isn’t it obvious? Her chin.

Also here. She seems to have massive problems. First she says she doesn’t want plastic surgey becasue her chin is part of who she is. Then she says that just because she has an usual face doesn’t mean she is different on the inside. That’s a contradiction. Then she moans about people who are mean and call her names, and in the next sentence goes on to say that she doesn’t want people’s pity. What does she want us to do? This article is entitled “Look me in the face.” And yet she is moaning about people staring at her. What are we meant to do then? To infinity and beyond.

Chris has been digging hard. Respect.

Also the shovel load has one of the best updates ever.

I think this is amazing.

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