I, know, that, your, love, lies, some, where, in the sea.

02010376.jpgThis is good news. I will sell these hoodies for £5 each. I am being ripped off I think.

Thanks for signing the book to the people that did. You are very kind. I am eating Pan-fried Sausage and sage crisps at the moment. Stolen from the Christmas food that is left over in the office. Hopefully no-one will notice.

I have been listening to CDs at work all day. I have listened to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs twice, Razorlite twice, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines, Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith and some free mix chill out CD. I spite of this it has been another long day. Hometime.

Sitting with my head in my hands under the strip lights watching my life slowly dripping away like Chinese water torture.

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