There’s a lot going on at the moment but no new pictures to show you. There are two ghetto sites in the making. One dirt in Headcorn, and one ramp in Tenterden, so that’s this weekend sorted. This is the old ghetto. More pictures on Noid.

I made some stickers yesterday with this picture on. Ask for one when you see me. I’ll say “sorry I left them at home by mistake.”

I have about 3 pages worth of non-riding media if I ever get round to making the pages.

Rudi is back in the UK. Go and visit Tim – 22 Downs Close.

Chris has bought good hosting: smallwheelsbigthrills.COM This is one of his pictures:

hoogyth.jpgAlso I went digging last night at Hoggs Green, so if there are any pikies reading this you better get down there quickly and knock it all in before it gets hard. I’ll be down again soon to rebuild in any case. It’s staying this time.

Also I have fixed my bike pretty well. I put Nigel/Tom’s old profiles on and the spin round a treat. Lighter than my Smack-daddies, which took about 2 hours to get off. And I have some nice new brake cable which is like an elastic band, which is bad.

Sittingbourne tonight maybe, and a trip to Abingdon soon definatly. Give me a date Jack. 😉
I miss these trails. They were only ridden properly once and all the pictures are taken through a wide angle lens with zoom so they never made it to the internet.

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