Today is going to be one of the longest days ever, I can just feel it. I wanted a day off to go to Harrow with Yak and Aidan, but I have to stay at work to answer the phones. I am going to keep a log of every call that I take today here, which will be added to as I receive calls:

Call 1 – 9.10: A gentleman rings to find out where he can hire a bike in Maidstone to go on a bike ride. Very strange since we have nothing to do with hiring bikes – I think the number was a misprint. So I went on Yell and found the number for Bewl Water so he could ring them and see if they hire bikes at this time of year.

Call 2 – 10.55: Becky rings to ask what time I will be home.

Call 3 – 12.27: A call from someone wanting to know how long the roadworks in Teston will be there for. Again nothing to do with my department, but I kind heartedly put him through to Maidstone Highway Unit.

So as you can see it was a total waste of a day. On top of this, there is a business support team who we sit next to who can take all our calls for us. I hope you had a good day team shovel load.

On a more interesting note I now have 19 items on ebay. Look at this one.

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