Michael Jackson’s face.

michaelsick.jpgSeriously what has he done to his face. He looks like a seal. It’s art you know. Well ok maybe it is art. But firstly what kind of idiot practices art on their face. And secondly I don’t think he’s very good at art. Either that or he has very bad tase.

Ok if I am honest I do actually like some of his music. And not in a cheesy I’m cool becasue I’m hip and like Billy Jean. I do actually think he has written some good songs.

Whether or not he is a child abuser I really don’t know, so I won’t bother to even speculate.

But what really fascinates me his his strange face. I think if we are honest we all find people who look different quite fascinating – midgets or people with fingers/hand/arms missing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that – you are bound to find something unusual interesting. But you have to pretend that you don’t becasue it’s not accecptable to society, plus it is rude to stare at people.

But Michael Jackson is different. He has done this to himself. On purpose. He wants to look like that. And that’s fine he can look like whatever he wants. But if he’s going to be famous and live the life he does he has to put up with people telling him that he looks like a freak. Which he clearly does.

That’s a plaster on his nose by the way, not his skin falling off. Yet.
From a website: “This is the end result of millions of dollars spent on plastic surgery and surgical skin color alterations. This image is undoctored. Its origin is unknown. Sent to me from a fan.”

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