P1010016.JPGSeb took this photogrpah. I think it is amazing. Summer is on it’s way. I can smell it in the air. I fear lots of rain though. Watch the Ash and Oak.

Dirt Lads has a couple of updates. A video and a really good page of trampoline, rope swing, ghetto, dark trails, summer trails and random stuff. Go there.

I thought I was going to Harrow with Yak this week, but it looks like everyone at my office is off work so I can’t again. I keep changing my story like an elevator, but I really want to go so. It’s not my fault.

Yeh so for lots of people it’s half term. Happy holiday lucky people. Go and dig.

Oak before Ash you’re in for a splash. Ash before Oak, you’re in for a soak.

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