3120 Shoes

Are shoes a bike part? Well kind of I think because they are important in how you use your bike. I have been using 3120 shoes for about 18 months now. I am really happy with them, but they are falling apart now and I need some new ones. Unfortunatly I can’t find 3120 shoes anywhere. They seem to be extinct, so I am looking for a good replacement. Recommendations in the book please.

3 responses to “3120 Shoes”

  1. etnies arto saari’s rock, good grip and super thin soles for super good feel. adio jeremy wray v4’s are also pretty good[but only in green and white]happy hunting shark type dude


  2. Vans always do the trick for me because of their waffle grip. And theyre nice and beefy so fit the peddle nice. It’s wierd, i rode my bike with a pair of pumas and then swapped to my vans and found that they actualy helped me peddle alot easier and faster, but im not too sure why. So they give good grip in the air and make me pedal faster, job done me thinks.


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